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“Idrettsfestivalen” was organized for the first time in 2007 and was created to collect more activities for a large and recruiting event for the circuit. A desire to do something more than matches led to a great focus on the social aspects. The combination of physical activity and the social aspect has been the most important thing for us on this journey – and we have tried to reinforce this everytime.

In 2011 “idrettsfestivalen” had great growth and became Norway’s largest tournament for our target group. Holding this position commits – and puts great pressure on corporate sports (bedriftsidretten) as an organizer. There is a lot of focus on implementing new technical solutions that optimize the settlement for both the organizer and the participants. We want the festival to develop both socially and in terms of activity. Being able to offer activities that everyone can participate in is important to us, and this means that even more people get to know business sports (bedriftsidretten) in a positive way.

Trondheim Spectrum has been the natural venue for the event all along. With many halls and good facilities, which gives us confidence in the execution of such a large event. Trondheim Spectrum is centrally located – which makes it easy for traveling teams to prosecute to the arena.

Central Norway Southern Business Sports Circle (Midt-Norge Sør Bedriftsidrettskrets) is the owner and organizer of “idrettsfestivalen”. Planning and implementation takes place in collaboration between volunteers and  employeesin “bedriftsidrettskretsen”. In total, there are close to 100 volunteer – to make the Sports Festival a memorable event for all participants.

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Inquiry about invoice – May Britt Stokke,

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Contestant Number:

2019: 550 teams 1500 Cup party

2018: 522 teams 1400 Cup party

2017: 505 teams 1700 Cup party

2016: 477 teams 2100 Cup party

2015 444 teams 2200 Cup party

2014 392 teams 2150 Cup party

2013 329 teams 1474 Cup party

2012 293 teams 1250 Cup party

2011 228 teams 1050 Cup party

2010 168 teams 800 Cup party

2008 123 teams 485 Cup party

2007 101 teams 366 Cup party